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. >> reporter: the head of the tsa expressed has condolences. >> officer hernandez was the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: investigators say a note from the shooter specifically targeted tsa employees in the assault. >> he wanted to quote instill fear in their traitoress minds. >> reporter: the agency is asking to share digital media of the crime. >> he is unresponsive. we are unable to interview him. >> reporter: he was not a ticketed passenger. they don't know who dropped him off. if convicted he will face life without parole and the death penalty. >> check in with wjz with the latest information on the suspect, victim, and the aftermath. >>> a family said goodbyes to fallen firefighter hoffman. he was shot in his home last weekend. christy explains how he is being remembered. >> reporter: andrew hoffman was the definition of a hero. they wanted to focus on how he lived his life. the blue line saluted. >> it is a tragedy to us and his family. >> reporter: the killer took his own life after shooting the pair. >> we just want to know why. >> reporter: they want to
hernandez. he is the first officer killed in the line of duty in the tsa's 12-year history. stay with wjz for the latest on the shootings at l.a.x. >>> there may be as many as 9,000 victims of the gynecologist accused of secretly videotaping patients during exams. disturbing new details are emerging in a class action lawsuit against johns hopkins. mike hellgren talked to the patients of dr. nikita levy tonight. >> reporter: investigators say the gynecologist used a pen camera like this to record exams at johns hopkins east baltimore medical center. and the fbi is still sifting through thousands of images on levy's computers. there may be 9,000 victims and their lawyers are now working to settle the class action case through a mediator. >> i think that these women are in fear of getting their pap smears and their examinations. we have women who are in fear of seeing any physician. >> did he behave strangely? >> he always smiled. every time he was checking my privates he smiled. when i went for my appointment, it would never be another nurse in there. it just be him, like just him and just
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2